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  1. Great company helped our family take care of mom while we went on vacation.
    Staff very well trained and they took excellent care of our loved one. They put us at ease about leaving mom in there care.

  2. An absolute god sent.
    My grandmother 96 suffers from altimeters and dementia. She would not be able to enjoy her time left in her home if it were not for Sherry and her incredibly awesome team. I could not be more pleased with the above and beyond service being given. 5 stars plus.

  3. Sherry and assigned caregivers were EXCELLENT in their care for me following hip replacement surgery. Most importantly to me, the assigned caregivers took care of my pets!!! That had been my biggest worry, knowing that I could not bend down and feed them … but all caregivers who came to my house (especially Sherry, C, and A) seemed to love the dogs as much as me!! Very attentive and caring staff. THANK YOU for your excellent care!

  4. I loved working with this agency they made sure that my husband was well taken care of no problems finding quality help. I don’t know how I could’ve made it without them. They are worth hiring if you need their services.

  5. Sherry and all her team work great on short notice. Showed up in less than 24 hrs and help with my mother to ease my burden a bit. Very professional and genuine staff! I would definitely recommend their services to anyone who is in need of in home care or assistance of any kind!

  6. Had to reach out to Sherry & crew for help again in October 2022. Had surgery October 11, so I needed help with the pets again! Then on October 24, I fell in the bathroom, crawled to the table because my right leg wouldn’t work, and called Sherry at 5 something in the morning, telling her what happened. Of course, she was insisting I call 911, but I assured her I would not call them until she came over and took care of the dogs!!! She rushed over and found me sitting in the floor. We called 911 after she got the dogs confined. Turns out I had a spiral fracture to my right femur. OUCH!!! Sherry worked with my daughter to coordinate pet care while I was hospitalized for a week, then rehab for about 15 days. Since coming home, Sherry and crew were attentive, caring, and helpful in every way. Highly recommend Sherry and crew if you are in need of help.

  7. Sherry as well as her staff is outstanding. Sherry will show up during hail, rain, sleet or snow when the other companies will not. I can’t say enough about her experience, dependability and her compassion to take care of others. I wish more companies would care as much as she does.

  8. Sherry and her team at Hand in Home Care has been amazing with assisting me to each and every Dr.’s appointment.
    I have been going through chemo and several knee, and back surgeries this past year and I couldn’t have done it without all of these ladies. This group of women have gone above and beyond. They go out of their way to make sure I have eaten, get all my meds, and make all of my appointments. Sometimes they even coordinate my grocery order when I am not well enough to get up and go to the store on my own. If you are looking for in home care, please contact Hand In Home Care. These ladies are passionate about what they do.

    Thank you,

    James E. Bland

  9. Sherry handpicks her team and it shows in the care they provide. It was hard enough to watch my loved one in pain, much less to try and tackle day to day functions. Thanks to Hand in Home, I was able to spend quality time with my husband while they prepared meals, changed his linens and clothes, bathed him, helped with meds and housekeeping. I was able to relax a little bit more knowing that we were not alone and it was ok if I wanted to get some sleep as they were just in the room next door. Their presence allowed me to just be the emotional support my spouse needed and to try and take care of myself too. My stress and frustration levels were reduced greatly thanks to Hand in Home’s support. Not sure I could have gotten through without them.

  10. They did an absolute fantastic job helping care for my elderly grandmother, she is not the easiest person to get along with and very stubborn so to find people that get along with her is extremely comforting, especially since I live 4 hours away and cannot help her myself. Great staff, very professional and knows how to make their clients feel like family.

  11. The team at Hand in Home helped my family with at home hospice care on a 24/7 basis for my dad for about 6 weeks before he passed away. I cannot imagine going through the experience without the expert and caring service from Hand in Home. From the start, Sherry worked closely with us to understand my dad’s needs and when my dad would arrive home, and she arranged to have an adept caregiver on site as soon as he arrived. Over the course of 6 weeks, a number of caregivers from the Hand in Home team made sure my dad was as comfortable as possible. They helped with meals, cleaning, medications, bathing, toileting, etc. Every single caregiver was top notch… Lois, Shay, Rose, Christin, Sherry, Angel, and Zina. My dad was a tough man with high standards, and he enjoyed working with each of them. Even though each caregiver was different, I could tell that this career was their life calling. Not only did they take excellent care of my dad, but they also navigated challenging family situations and made everyone feel at ease. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend the Hand in Home team. I am extremely grateful for the help they provided my family, and they will be the first ones I call if a caregiving need arises again in the future.

  12. Our Dad made the decision to go home in his final weeks. We were referred to Hand in Home by Community Hospice of Ft. Worth. Our family could not be more thankful for the referral. The care our Dad received from Sherry and her team went above and beyond. Each team member truly felt like a part of our family. They are all so caring, kind, truly wonderful human beings. As a mom of 3 young children when I could not be with my Dad, I never worried about him. There’s nothing worth more than piece of mind for your family knowing your loved one is in the best hands during such a difficult time. Words will never be enough to to thank these wonderful women, they are truly one of a kind.

  13. My Mother came home from the hospital after a fall. She required Hospice care. She was 101, almost 102, and very fussy about what was going on around her. The Hospice people were very good, but Mom wasn’t very happy with their efficient delivery of care for her. We called Sherry at Hand in Home on the advice of care giver. The response from Sherry was immediate. She sat with us and talked about what was needed for Mom, what she wasn’t happy with and then she sat down with Mom for an extended conversation. At the conclusion of the visit Sherry said she had just the right person for us. Man was she ever right! The new caregiver was an instant success. She sat down with Mom and they talked for hours. Their connection was instant and grew stronger as time went by. Mom insisted that we let the other folks go, she was very happy with just Lois. She looked forward to her coming for her visits. Lois became part of the family. Even our very shy dog was excited to see her. When Mom had to go back into the hospital for a short stint, she was very concerned that she wouldn’t still have Lois to visit when she went back home. Mom did come home and Lois was right there with her. Mom was very happy. Mom passed away a few weeks after returning home. That left an emptiness in the home, but at least we knew because of Sherry and Lois and Hand in home that Mom was happy and enjoyed her last few months. I cannot praise Hand in Home and the people working there enough. I only hope if I ever need such services that I can receive the same level of caring and wonderful care. They are angels on earth!

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